Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life's a Beach

 "Rocky Creek Vista"
approx. 12 x 9 inches
oil on Arches oil Paper

 My second day at the Sandgren Coast Paintout was a total bust - if I can call a first visit to an amazing beach, an entire day spent watching the changing light and tides, sun, good company, and a little random exploration a bust - just because my painting didn't turn out.

Bad painting, great day.

You can see my start below, on the right side in the middle. 

You can also see Erik Sandgren painting away, Patti McNutt striding in all geared up and ready for anything, the first living crustaceans I've seen outside of an aquarium (or a kitchen), and my granny hat.

I took a break for some random exploring. These shots are from Depoe Bay, a place where "Fine Art" and "Thomas Kincade" are not synonymous. (Click on the image to see what I mean). Bonus: Gluten Free clam chowder? So Oregon.


In Seal Rock, I just couldn't pass this enormous sign advertising BEARS without stopping. I think I met Ronald Reagan there, too.

So, a great day, but not on the painting front. Not to worry - I redeem myself tomorrow!


angela j simpson said...

Another lovely painting - but you are all wrapped up, is it cold there? We're boiling in the UK!

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Taryn Day said...

I just love this seascape, Sarah. Really, really love it. The deep values in the sea, the brushy good.