Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When You Commission a Portrait

"Sketch for 'Keila'"
10 x 8 inches, oil on canvas

I've loved gettting to know many amazing art collectors and enthusiasts over the years, and I've found that everyone has an idea percolating in the back of their mind for that perfect custom painting. So what really happens when they finally decide to take that step - make that investment - and commission that piece they've always wanted - a truly unique statement just for them?

I've been working with an old friend this week on a portrait of his beautiful wife. He initially contacted me on Facebook, and after seeing what a gorgeous picture he had for me to work from, the rest of the negotiations were a piece of cake! This is the preparatory sketch I made for Keila's portrait, which I will post once it's been officially unveiled.

I love painting portraits. When I was little, I drew princesses, faces, dresses, girls, girls, girls endlessly! I vividly remember the day I figured out how to draw a purse over someone's shoulder - it was a milestone, of a sort. I've never stopped loving painting the human face, and I'd love to paint your loved-one too. Have a painting in mind? Email me. Let's talk.

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