Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My first Oregon Coast Paintout!

"The Cliffs at Rocky Creek"
8 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

Well. A warning: this post is going to be long! The only thing that irks me more than overlong blog posts are bloggers who split days into multiple posts.  So here you will get my entire first day at Erik Sandgren's legendary, famous, long-lived, and beloved Oregon Coast Paintout.

First, I packed. And, since my family was joining me for the weekend, there was a lot to pack! On the left you see the essentials: art stuff!

We got to our cute beachfront cottage in time to have Patti over for dinner - she'd already been there almost a week, painting up and down the coast!

The next morning, I groaned my way out of bed for a run I knew I wouldn't regret. Four miles on a deserted beach, leaping over tidepools, following my own footprints back home. 

After a quick shower and some even quicker shoving down of food, I kissed my mom, husband, and daughter goodbye and set off for my first encounter with this legendary Paintout.

Rocky Creek State Wayside was the location of the day. A seemingly-unassuming pit-stop along US 101, when explored further, offered many gorgeous vistas - not to mention picnic tables upon which to stand while painting! The bathroom was more than appreciated by all, as well,
but even better than that were the multiple spots so sheltered from the wind that I found myself shedding layers as the morning went on.

The Oregon Coast is cold. The highs over the past weekend at my house in Eugene, a mere 75 minutes from the coast, were in the 90's. At the coast, we were hoping for 70's. And not too much wind.

In the afternoon, we had an informal critique with Erik. If you were in college with me, and you actually read my blog, I love you! (but no... no one does). If you did, you'd remember me as a fan of a good critique. I absolutely love talking about art-in-progress. And there was some lovely stuff happening this day - in all different media!

artists pictured: upper right Renee Nelson, bottom center Leland John, bottom right Za Vue.

 After lunch, and the critique, I moved on to a less precarious painting spot on the beach head. I did a quick sketch of the ocean and then another of Erik and his wife Katherine painting together on the cliff edge as the day came to a close. 

"Artists at Rocky Creek" 

As I was introduced to more artists throughout the day, (Thanks again, Patti!),  I realized that a large group were staying right across the street from us in Waldport! Of course, they demanded that I join them for a glass of wine that evening, and I was more than willing to comply. These are people that I've been hoping to meet for some time: L-R David Talaski, Za Vue, and Quin Sweetman. Loved meeting you all!

Ready to book your hotel room for July 2014? Just wait until you see my post about the rest of the weekend. Amazing. Summer is fun.


Sue Marrazzo said...

It looks Fun!
thanks for sharing this post!

Helen Moreda said...

thank you for such a thoughtful post. I loved reading it and I still love your bold strokes. yes, yes.

angela j simpson said...

Lovely paintings, I am now following you.
Your first one reminded me of the one I did yesterday in Scotland - though no where near so good as yours!
I'd like to put some links to other daily painters on my daily blog - how did you set up "from my blog to yours" ?

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Hi Angela - thanks for following! You can copy and paste the code on my right hand sidebar into the blogger gadget "Insert HTML" or check out some of the other available gadgets to make a link list. Gadgets are located under design/layout on your blogger dashboard.

Helen and Sue - thanks for your kind comments! Glad you've enjoyed reading. Off to write more!

angela j simpson said...

Thank you - I'll give it a go ! I've put your button on my daily paintings blog

Quin Sweetman said...

Hi Sara! So lovely to meet you and see your work on Etsy and here. Look forward to painting with you again!