Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alas, Poor Leelou

"White Camellias with Skull"
12 x 12 inches, oil on canvas

When you have the rare luck to be leant a real human skull, it kind of becomes the only thing you want to paint.  Tearing my soul in two this week is the fact that it's also Camellia season. My favorite flower, and one I make sure to pilfer from the neighbors paint every year. Naturally, my only choice was to put them together, and why not? Makes for a classic Memento Mori.

Not that reminding you of your mortality is really what I'm all about.

Here's my progress. Contrary to my normal practice, I painted this one ALL WEEK. I only seemed to be able to snatch an hour here and there in the studio, so I think I did three or four different work sessions on this one. It wasn't as painful as my moaning and groaning (audible over twitter worldwide, I'm sure) might have lead you to believe.

What did you work on this weekend? Link it up in the comments - I'd love to see!


Artisoo Painting said...

I think it will be hard for most people to hang one picture like this in their home.

Debbie said...

A real human skull, wow! I don't think many people have actually seen one in person! What an amazing opportunity to study it, especially for a portrait painter. I also love your camellias, every year,and your stories about where they come from :)

Unknown said...

...also wow! Looking at the postings of Daily Painters, this one stood out for me. The contrast of life and death balanced beautifully. Very cool!!!